The Karmas and our destiny

Prashant Sharma psharma at BUPHY.BU.EDU
Sun Jul 13 15:37:40 CDT 1997

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Srinivas Sista wrote:
> This occurrence of events is what I would like to call the
> strong law of destiny :-) the primal cause of all. So, whatever
> remains is awareness(of events) since all the other constructions
> are again events.  Hence the segmentation of event space into
> destiny, free-will etc is part of the event process and hence an
> object of awareness.
        When you say that law of destiny is the "primal cause of all", is
it the same as saying that destiny IS the causality that we see in
whatever reality our mind constructs?

> One point to be clarified is whether `we desire' or do
> `we become aware of the desire' after it occurs. I affirm the
> later. The same is the case even with thought. We may discuss
> this further.

I agree with you that we become aware of our thoughts after they occur.
In this context I would like to know what you think of awareness: is it
also another thought, or do you equate it to "consciousness".
It seems to me that most of our thoughts are reactive.  We either accept
things or reject them (our approach to life, by way of thought is
algorithmic). On the other hand there are insights that we have, which
have the quality, in some vague sense (which I really can't put into
words), to unify the object-subject duality. I think it is such insights
that lead to understanding.
I would like to discuss this classification of thought with the members of
this list.


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