The Karmas and our destiny

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Mon Jul 14 04:05:53 CDT 1997

Hi All !

If We and God are One then Our will is the same as Gods' will.

Alternatively does God have free will? I mean does S/he have a idea (from
where does it come?) and then does S/he consider all(!) the options (from
where do they come?) and then say 'I will do this' (at which point in time
and space)? Whatever it 'does' it must do to itself, within itself. But then
it already knows what it is going to do so would it bother? And if it
bothered to carry out it's idea would it bother to observe it? Could it
observe it? It could only be it. In fact the idea is the act and all is now.

I'm reminded of Nisargadatta saying 'There is no creator or enjoyer...all is
spontaneously happening'. How's that for a jaw dropper?!



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