"Does God make mistakes?"

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Mon Jul 14 03:33:57 CDT 1997

>Hi Chuck!
>No, the Self doesn't discriminate. But it's nature in essence is harmony. So
>when it contacts disharmony the disharmony is discharged.
>Besides, I'm stating experiential facts. It is proven by the fact that
>Jnanis are more peaceful, etc. than Ajnanis.

Hi Martin,

     But how can the Self ever "contact" something which It already IS?

      It has no disowned parts.   Don't you think that the Self is "big
enough" to "contain" both (and all) apparent polarities?

     Is the Self really more "in" a Jnani than It is "in" an Ajani?   Isn't
the Self all-pervasive and always fully present in Its 100% totality?

     Doesn't what appears to be "disharmonious" often work itself back into
"harmony" and then back again to "disharmony", over and over?

      Things seemingly come together;  things seemingly fall apart.

                                             With Blessings,

                                                     Chuck Hillig

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