"Does God make mistakes?"

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Tue Jul 15 02:44:59 CDT 1997

Hi Martin,

>>     But how can the Self ever "contact" something which It already IS?
>...........In the same way that we contact things within ourselves.

     But, Martin, where does the one who is doing the "contacting" end and
the so-called separated thing that is being "contacted" begin if everything
is truly ONE?
Isn't it ALL illusory.....much like images on a movie screen?

>>     Is the Self really more "in" a Jnani than It is "in" an Ajani?
>..............No. But the blood flows more harmoniously in the artery called
>Jnani than it does in the artery called Ajnani.

     To continue with your analogy, though, perhaps it is the very same
artery.  The Self makes no such distinctions between "harmony" and
"disharmony."  Things are such as they are.  All stratifications are only
for the illusory ego to make.

>>Isn't the Self all-pervasive and always fully present in Its 100% totality?
>...............No. Are any of us fully present in ourselves/actions, etc?
>And what is the point of realisation, talk etc. I'm sure you'll say it's
>just a story told by Itself to Itself. Why would it bother? It must have bad
>taste! I think It is trying to manifest fully in the physical plane.

     But the Self is already "here" on the so-called "physical plane."    I
mean, where ELSE would (or could) It possibly be?    It is always 100% fully
manifested at every second in all of these illlusory planes.

      Believing that It's NOT, however, provides the momentum to seemingly
propel our life's story "forward" and out into some kind of illusory
"future" where we can go looking for this Self.    But, in truth, we already
are who we are looking for.

     You ask "what is the point of realization, talk, etc.?"  Actually,
there is no point to it at all.  But, then again, what is the "point" of a
tree or of a sunset?

      It is what It is.  We seemingly "do" what we seemingly "do"  (e.g.
talk,  work, play, strive to be enlightened, etc.)

     But we are not the "doer-of-the-doing."  The Self  "does" It all.

>>     Doesn't what appears to be "disharmonious" often work itself back into
>>"harmony" and then back again to "disharmony", over and over?
>................Absolutely not. Does a Jnani become a Hitler. Aren't things
>getting better?

     There is no "becoming" here.  There's just the pure consciousness of
"Be-ing."  Remember that an author loves his villains every bit as much as
he loves his heroes.    No matter what (or how) It appears, It's really all OK.

>With these recent emails it seems to me the list is going mad!

     (How fun!)

>Now I read that we should all just throw ourselves into our roles. Aren't we
>already throwing ourselves into our roles?

     Maybe our resistence to our role is in direct proportion to the
strength of our ego.
It's NOT the role that we are playing.  It's only the attachment to the role
that creates the bondage.

>Either everything is perfect as it is (NOT!) or duality is the problem and
>Advaita is the answer!

     Things are neither "perfect" nor "imperfect."  They just ARE what they ARE.
If you see duality as a "problem," then your answer to it is "non-duality."

     But the Self cannot be "contained."   So perhaps the best answer to all
of our (mad) musings lies somewhere within the profound Silence that falls
between our empty words.

                                           With Blessings,

                                                   Chuck Hillig

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