The Karmas and our destiny

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Wed Jul 16 03:06:18 CDT 1997

Hi Vidyasankar!

At 05:03 PM 14/07/97 -0700, you wrote:

>The sense in which the One-ness is asserted in advaita has to be properly
>understood. We do not prove by assertion that we and God are one. Rather,
>in order to arrive at the Oneness, we deny everything limitation that is
>human (the tvam pada in tattvamsi). We also give up the idea of thinking
>of God (the tat pada) as a Creator in terms of the created universe. Thus,
>we arrive at the identity of we (tvam) and God (tat) at the level of pure
>consciousness, at which stage there is no more individual, and no more
>Creator or creation.
>Thus, there is no place for something like will at this level. This is
>paramArtha. To even admit will, we have to descend to vyavahAra, and at
>this stage, it is not generally known that we and God are One. At this
>stage, rather than saying Our will is God's will, a traditional advaita
>guru would advise you to think, "let God's will direct my actions."

...............The point I am making is - 'Where is the centre of the One
true Self? There can be none. Therefore We are the Self - The creators and
the instruments of creation and the will and the canvas of creation, etc.
Every act we make is an act of creation.

I would add that we are creators only when we are in the non-dual state.
Ignorant dualistically thinking people are the conditioned, the created.
Errors too I might add!



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