Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Fri Jul 18 15:19:54 CDT 1997

namaste | I bow to the divine in you ||

Intention of this mail is not to hurt anyone. But in the recent past
few have pointed out that some discussions cross the level of
politeness and they sound offensive and rude. I would request the list
members to use polite expressions, and try to avoid words like
nonsense, Duh, fraud, etc.

As you may be aware that in the last few months, many mailing lists
are being spammed, so all subscriptions to advaita-l are by_owner.
In order to make sure only those who really wants to subscribe join the
list, I send a preliminary welcome file to all the subscription
requests. I am appending this file to this mail. Please read and let
me know your opinion.

I am grateful (like many others) to those who participate in the
discussions and keep us focussed on the goal. I hope this mail does
not offend your sentiments.


With Respects,
"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"

                W E L C O M E    to  A D V A I T A - L


namaste | I bow to the divine in you ||

This message is sent to you based on your request to join advaita-l.
If you think it is an error and sent to listserv by a miscreant,
please ignore this mail. Otherwise, please read ahead.

svaagatam, welcome to advaita-L. Primary purpose of this list is to
discuss advaitam (non-duality) with a reverential attitude. Most of
the members on the list are not just looking at advaitam from a
philosophical point of you but they also practice it and have a sincere
goal for self realization.  Hence it will be nice if the postings
to the list become an aid to that sincere practice.

Even though the list is dedicated to advaitam,  you are requested to
maintain a respectful attitude towards saints and sages of other
traditions like shrii raamanujaacharya (vishishhTaadvaitam) and shrii
maadvacharya (dvaitam), as their followers are also on the list. In
general it is preferred to maintain a respectful attitude towards
saints and sages of all religions.

I request you to send a brief introduction about yourself and primarily
your interest in advaitam, which I will post to the list.

I welcome you again to the list and  sincerely hope to learn from
you. When I add you to the list, you will get the welcome file with
some instructions. Please save it for future reference. It will be
useful when you want to change some mailing options.

Thank you

With regards,
aum at unix.tamu.edu

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