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 I introduce myself as Vaidya Narayanan Sundaram, doing a Masters in
Industrial Engineering. From a basically religious family, I had my
Upanayanam when I was about 8 years old, and since then have (almost)
done my daily Sandhya Vandhanams and other japas into which I was
 basically, I feel there has always been a Divine hand guiding me into
places and oppurtunities, and I am doing my best to comprehend this feel
of being nudged in the right direction. I would not say I am well read in
the Scriptures of Advaita or Dvaita, but I have been fortunate enough to
be at the receiving end of discourses given at the Kanchi Madam by eminent
 And although I hear and read about the Divinity and it's manifestations,
a truer understanding is always one step away. And I guess wishing to be
part of discussions on Brahman and it's Maya is but one more step of
mine in this direction.
 I hope this brief intro suffices and I request you to add me to the
mailing list of advaita-l.

Cheers and GOD Bless,

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