Intermittent realization?

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Sun Jul 20 11:48:31 CDT 1997


Perhaps some of you have "experienced" non-dual awareness and have
subsequently doubted it on the grounds that only a permanent unchanging
realization is authentic or of value. I think this can cause real confusion
because we might then be tempted to try to "throw the baby out with the
bathwater". Of course permanent unchanging realization is the final state
(sahaja samadhi) but this may not spring as a fully formed total stranger
from out of the blue. There may be (IMO) genuine non-dual awareness at
times (ie. during "formal" meditation for instance) before the very same
state becomes effortlessly and spontaneously established permanently.

The Panchadasi says, "Trembling and other signs of fear subside, only by
degrees, even after knowledge of the snake as nothing but a harmless piece
of rope; the same rope met with in dim light, even after such knowledge,
may yet become the same terrible snake it once was. Thus previous Karma
comes gradually to end by fruition through experience and not all at once
by any obstinate remedy; nay, it is even possible for the immortal one to
temporarily feel his mortality in moments of such fruition. This, however,
is no flaw in the condition of Spirituality once realized, for Liberation
is no observance, it is being at harmony with the course of nature."

best wishes to all...

Allan Curry

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