Guru Purnima

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Today is Guru Poornima also called Vyasa Poornima.  A day to devote oneself
completely to Guru.

If you dont have a human guru,  take Sadasiva as your guru, it all started
with him anyway, (Sadasiva samarambham).

OR SriKrishna Bhagavan ( Vande Krishnam Jagadgurum)

Shubham                                                       Nageswar
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     Vidya wrote:

>Recently, however, Ramakrishnan informed me in a private conversation,
>that Padmapada himself compares Sankara to Siva. I would like to collect
>exact quotations from works of Sankara's direct disciples, mainly
>Suresvara and Padmapada, drawing an equation or comparison between Siva
>and Sankara. I would appreciate any help from those who have easy
>access to editions of Padmapada's Pancapadika or the Varttikas or
>Naishkarmyasiddhi of Suresvara.

   An obvious quote would be the "bhava eva bhavaaniti" (You are
   Shiva Himself) phrase from the toTaka-ashhTaka by toTaka, one of
   Shankara's direct disciples. This hymn is, of course, addressed to

   I am  not sure what the scholars think about the attribution of this
   ashhTaka to toTaka.

   Regarding Shankara being Shiva Himself, Madhava not only says that
   Shankara was an incarnation of Shiva, but also that Shankara was in
   some way superior. That is because while Shiva is quick to get angry,
   Shankara almost never in his lifetime yielded to anger.  In his
   writings one discerns a very positive attitude even while dealing with
   the views of opponents, an attitude sometimes bordering on the kind of
   compassion that a Guru displays while teaching his disciple. During
   Shankara's first encounter with MaNDana Mishra, the latter is sharply
   critical, even derogatory, about the former's acceptance of sannyaasa,
   instead of being absorbed in Vedic rites. But Shankara maintains his
   cool during that first meeting. The only situation when Shankara might
   have been angry was when the brahmins in Kaladi disapproved of his
   decision to perform the cremation rites of his mother's dead body.



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