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Subject: Re: ADVAITA-L: venkat at ICA.NET requested to join

Namaste/VaNakkam, I thank you for your welcome message. A brief introduction
about myself. I am Shiva Viswanathan. I am 26 years and I live in Toronto
currently. I lived in the middle east (Bahrain) for about three years. I am
a software professional currently in between jobs.

I saw the Advaita home page when I was browsing the Sringeri Sharada Peetham
home page. I am a novice when it comes to the advaita. However I believe,
that this way of life would bring to an end all the confusions of my life in
the long run. Advaita, as I see it, is both a philosophy and a way of life.
To quote a sentence from an audio tape that I listen to (Talk on Bhaja
Govindam by the Chinmaya Mission), "Philosophy would have been a dreamers
fantasy if it did not supply each one with a practical program to apply".

I hope to "listen" and read about advaita and the great masters from people
who are living it daily. Basically, I wish to learn. The advaita-L, I hope,
would help in that.

Many thanks and best regards,
Shiva Viswanathan.

At 10:05 PM 7/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>               W E L C O M E    to  A D V A I T A - L
>namaste | I bow to the divine in you ||
>This message is sent to you based on your request to join advaita-l.
>If you think it is an error and sent to listserv by a miscreant,
>please ignore this mail. Otherwise, please read ahead.
>svaagatam, welcome to advaita-L. Primary purpose of this list is to
>discuss advaitam (non-duality) with a reverential attitude. Most of
>the members on the list are not just looking at advaitam from a
>philosophical point of you but they also practice it and have a sincere
>goal for self realization.  Hence it will be nice if the postings
>to the list become an aid to that sincere practice.
>Even though the list is dedicated to advaitam,  you are requested to
>maintain a respectful attitude towards saints and sages of other
>traditions like shrii raamanujaacharya (vishishhTaadvaitam) and shrii
>maadvacharyaa (dvaitam), as their followers are also on the list. In
>general it is preferred to maintain a respectful attitude towards
>saints and sages of all religions.
>I request you to send a brief introduction about yourself and primarily
>your interest in advaitam, which I will post to the list.
>I welcome you again to the list and  sincerely hope to learn from
>you. When I add you to the list, you will get the welcome file with
>some instructions. Please save it for future reference. It will be
>useful when you want to change some mailing options.
>Thank you
>With regards,
>aum at

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