Effort/less paths

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Mon Jul 21 14:48:34 CDT 1997


Further to previous discussions about intermittent jnana, effort vs.
effortlessness etc., here's a few quotes from "Talks With Ramana Maharshi"
which I hope are not taken too far out of context...    :-)

Q: "Can jnana be lost after having been once attained?"
M: "Jnana once revealed takes time to steady itself. [...] Owing to the
fluctuations of the vasanas, jnana takes time to steady itself. Unsteady
jnana is not enough to check rebirths. [...] To remain unshaken in it
further efforts are necessary."

"There is a state beyond our efforts or effortlessness. Until it is
realized effort is necessary. After tasting such Bliss, even once one will
repeatedly try to regain it. Having once experienced the Bliss of Peace no
one would like to be out of it or engaged himself otherwise. It is as
difficult for a jnani to engage in thoughts as it is for an ajnani to be
free from thoughts."

These vasanas, these fluctuations, these thoughts (ie. mind) must be
finally "destroyed". But how?  Here's Ramana again (to the rescue!):
"Its [the mind's] destruction is the non-recognition of it as being apart
from the Self. Even now the mind is not. Recognize it."

Ramana says elsewhere: "Intellect is not the Self nor apart from the Self".

all the best,

- Allan Curry


One last Ramana Maharshi quote concerning what some others call "sleep
awareness", "sleepless sleep",etc. Ramana says:  "If we get samadhi in our
waking state that will persist in deep sleep also."  Does anyone disagree?

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