Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Sat Mar 8 22:36:12 CST 1997

Namaste Sada:
I never said this so formally but after attending your talk at Chinmaya
Mission I felt you know something I dont.   This is Nagy.  Have a nice and
safe trip to india.

Hope you will see this posting after your return from India.

I agree to disagree with you on your last statement.

Bhakti wothout GNanam leads to fanatism.    Not necessarily so!

If there is a list of AGnanis My name will be on the top of the list.  I have
immense faith and Bhakti towards Devi my ishtadevta.   She comes to my rescue
whenevr I am in trouble and I am in trouble every other day.   I dont know
know what GNanam means but I would like to know.  May be she will teach me.

I like to tell you an event that explains why I am so devoted to Devi.

Almost 30 years ago I was in connecticut as an young graduate student.  After
2 days of my arrival I wanted to go back as there is nothing I can eat in
restaurant and I cant cook and even if I want to cook I dont know where to
get groceries.  For 2 weeks I survived on toast and milk.  One night I had a
vision in which I saw myself hungry outside of a shiva parvati temple.
  Suddenly the door of the temple open and Sri Parvati Devi came out took me
inside and fed me with her own hands.  She smiled and disaapeared.   During
the last 30 years I have had many troubles but everytime she comes and
rescues me.  She is the one responsible to initiate me into saptasathi and
started me on the path of performing chandi homams.  I have seven more left
and I am sure she will see to that I will complete homams at ashtadasa
peetalu.   All I have is Bhakti and faith in her and I hope someday she will
impart Gnanam so I wont become a fanatic.

Regards                                                                 Nagy

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