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On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, sadananda wrote:

> [... some material on SivarAtri deleted]

> Hari Om to everyone and I enjoyed the postings and as they made me to
> think.  Even those with jarring notes helped me to realized the gap between
> the appreciation of the truth and realization of the truth.  Just as Bhakti
> without GNaanam can lead to fanaticism, GNaanam without Bhakti can lead to
> arrogance.  Here I am obviously differentiating the GNaanam from ViGNaanam.
> PranAms to everyone.
> Sadananda

Isn't Bhakti part of GNaanam ?

I guess the main (apparent) difference between an advaitin and dvaitin is:

Advaitin takes bhakti as part of gnaanam and dvaitin takes gnaanam as part
of bhakti.

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