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Mon Mar 10 06:49:52 CST 1997

On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Srinivas Sista wrote:

> Consider the case where I have a book or an article and somebody wants to
> copy it. Do I debate with that person why he or she wants to copy or what
> they are going to do with that copy? Does my lending it out mean that I am
> agreeing for further misery? What the other person does with the copy (makes
> further copies, worships it, burns it ...etc) is absolutely of no concern to
> me. I may not even care to identify with my book (but that is another issue
> altogether :-)). I fail to see how there can be any attachment to the copy,
> which rules out any karmic consequences.
> regards,
> Srinivas Sista.

We are not speaking here of individuals whose sense of attachment has
matured or enlightened to the extent described above. I wonder if the
people who are advocating cloning or the people who favour cloning, are
that detached. But then, why the cloning ?

Any "action", good or bad, has a consequence of karma attached to it.
That has to be faced without exception. Karma is like entropy.

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