Venkat Puntambekar venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM
Mon Mar 24 12:31:11 CST 1997

Namaste Everybody:

I just joined this wonderful mailing list. My name is Venkat Puntambekar, work
an engineer here in the silicon valley in a software firm (I am actually a
hardware engineer). Last year on a train from Shirdi, I happenned to meet a few
folks belonging to Siddha Samadhi Yoga, who all seemed very upbeat and happy.
Upon enquiry, SSY was started by Rishi Prabhakar, who came to North America long
time ago, recieved his MBA and was basically tired. He joined Mahesh Yogi and
subsequently left for India and after a span fo 10 years, came with this
12 day program of SSY. I went through this program here and got interested in
meditation, spirituality and is taking me more and more into this fascinating
journey. In this brief period, I met some wonderful folks on the net, and with
thier guidance I am slowly moving.

As you can tell, I am just a novice and my participation will probably be
limited to reading the emails and asking questions for clarifications, just as I
am doing with some folks who are already on this list.

Thanks a lot to those people who have made this list happen and I am looking
forward to the mails.


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