Neeta Pasrija Neeta_Pasrija at NOTES.PW.COM
Mon Mar 24 16:02:25 CST 1997


I read the introduction posted by Shri Venkat  and thought it was a great idea
and figured I'd do the same.   I joined this wonderful mailing list a few weeks
ago and have been reading the mails.

I got introduced to the Gita 4 years ago and have been spiritually inclined
since.  It has been a very  very slow journey for me so far.  Even after four
years my knowledge in this area is a drop in the ocean.  For the most part, all
I have done is do some reading on my own.  Recently I have gotten into
meditation and am trying to incorporate other divine disciplines into my

Three months ago I became an internet user and have found that it has helped me
immensely on this journey - both from a information and inspiration perspective.

My deepest thanks to all those who started and are maintaining this forum and
to all those who post pearls of wisdom on it.

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