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I welcome Shri Dennis Hill and Shri Venkat Puntambekar to the advaita
List. I am sure all of us will be benefited from their participation and

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Dennis Hill wrote:

> How nice it is to be in the company of those so close to finishing the
> journey that participate in this list.
> Dennis Hill

Satsang (being in the company of the wise) is the most satisfying thing in
life.  People have visited sages like Shri Ramana Maharshi and had their
journey clarified.

We do not really know how close or how far we are to finishing our
journey. A necessary pre-condition for finishing our journey is the
removal of the veil of ignorance. Finishing our journey means immortality.
Various upanishhads touched on this topic. I quote from Katha and
Svetasvatara upanishhads.

When all the desires that reside in the heart are destroyed, then a
mortal becomes immortal and attains Brahman here itself [Katha U. II.3.14]

When all the knots of the heart are cut adrift, then a mortal becomes
immortal. This verily is the teaching. [Katha U. II.3.15]

How does a man become immortal ? Only by knowing that he and the Brahman
are one and the same. [Sveta. U. III.8]


Dennis also mentioned how the "memories" of the present life are carried
on to the next one. Katha U. says in this regard [II.2.7]: Some souls
enter a womb for embodiment. Others go into forms such as plants according
to their past actions and knowledge.
Shri Giri also referred to this verse in his posting in this thread.

Thus, a pre-condition for immortality is the knowledge (of the Self) or
removal of the veil of ignorance. Without that, the jeeva continues its
journey many many times over.

Gummuluru Murthy
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