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Denis wrote:

The jeeva has four bodies: physical, subtle (prana), causal (sancita &
parabdha karmas, and samskaras), and supra-causal (Brahman). 

That is interesting. I have never heard of 4 bodies, only 3. Usually (AFAIK) it is said, that the subtle body consisting of the pranamaya, manomaya and vijnanamaya koshas is the astral body in which the soul travels from body to body (I believe this is also what Giri mentioned in his message), while the causal body consists of the anandamaya kosha and is the last sheath to be shed in attaining Nirguna Brahman which is of course bodiless -- spaceless, timeless, nameless, formless.
Where does this supra-causal body come in?

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