my reply

Viswanathan Krishnamurthy kviswanathan at ECCUBED.COM
Thu Apr 2 18:59:30 CST 1998

hi to all,

After much thought I wrote ?

I first apologize to everyone in this forum for my controversial
introduction which can be considered to be closed and this happened only
because I did not observe the proceedings of this forum properly before
entering into it with my idea.

I once again apologize to people who have taken it personally.

I also appreciate people who viewed it otherwise.

I have decided to remain an OBSERVER (with limited participation) - of
course my continuance is up to the people who are in charge of this forum
and other forum members.

Let me describe my self briefly.

I have long time ago decided to follow the path of life which will give me
more understanding about this life.  I can't afford to dismiss any ideas
from anyone as trivial as I am a student learning about everything.

Imagination and logic are two center points on which human brain works and
so are its byproducts.

I am not an atheist nor an iconoclast but a person who is in a mindset that
rejects the notion of accepting everything without analyzing it whoever be
the person who propounded it.

Modern science is definitely not a foundation for my arguments and of
course even vedas.  My ideas are my foundation for discussions and I am
desperately seeking people who could help me in

validating my ideas.  But it does not mean that I am not respecting vedas
or modern science.  Respect is not shown but keeping something in a box and
worshiping it or repeating it

without even knowing what it is trying to convey or what its real use is
for.  To me vedas and of course others ideas are tools to validate my own
ideas and it stops there.

Intelligent and productive discussions can be conducted only if there is a
perfect understanding of what each person is trying to discuss.

This is not the first time that my ideas have been misunderstood but this
is the first time that people took it personally which really upsets me and
leaves me without words to describe my feelings.


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