kakAra rUpa

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The name kakArarUpa is the first name of shrI lalita trishatI. As you
all know lalitA trishatI has 300 names of divine mother. 20 names
corresponding to each of the 15 syllables of  panchadashi


The letter ka reveals HER.

It signifies HER as the image of kAdi vidyA. vidyA here means mantra.
There are many readings of the panchadashi mantra. Here the
one beginning with ka is referred to.

kakArarUpa means hiraNya garbha, waters, head or happiness expressed
by the letter ka. hiraNya garbha, such as containing or creating the
jagat  is in kakAra since ka is the first in the series of consonants.
The power of waters, of creating food and through food keeping the
jagat alive is attributed to ka, the first lettr of the mantra.

In every living being, according to yoga shAstra, there is amRita in
the sahsrAram. By awakning of the kundalini, according to yoga
practice, yogis attain oneness with Ishvara being immersed in the
current of amRita or immortality. Similarly as the first letter of the
mantra, SHE confers shivahood to those who perform japa on the mantra.
Hence she is kakArarUpa.

kaM brahma khaM brahma (chandogyopanishhad 4-10-15) The space in the
heart, daharaakasham - khaM signifies brahaman signifying happiness.
It is most fervently loved and desired by all. Similarly, being the
first letter in the mUla mantra  which is the source of highest bliss
SHE is desired by all. Hence, paradevataa, the ultimate in Godhood is
called kakArarUpa

AUM kakArarUpayai namaH


>From a translation of shankara bhashhya  on shrI lalita trishatI

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