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Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Fri Apr 3 08:54:38 CST 1998


In one of the recent mail, I mentioned that the meaning of the word
kaDavuL [God] literally means one has transcended the mind (uLLaththai
kaDandavar). Last night when I was browsing through shrI vishhNu
sahasranAma bhAshhyam in tamizh (by aNNa (Venkataraman) published by
shrI Ramakrishna Mission), I found a more pleasing definition.

anaiththiRku uLLum anaiththaiyum kaDanthum iruppathAl avar kaDavuL
             ^^^                 ^^^
Since He is in everthing  and He also transcends everything he is
known as kaDavuL.


Recently one of my friends forwarded some nice verses prasing shrI
rAma written by shivavAkkiyar, a siddha from Tamil Nadu. I did not
forward it to the list beacuse, His poetry does not always represent
advaitic thought. I was first surprised (few years back) when I read
his poem categorically declaring the supremacy of rAmAnAmam, I thought
he was a shaivite saint. But as jnani, he transcends such differences.

wo nAm chAho jo nAm bolo
govind bolo gopal bolo
rAm rAm bolo!

(I don't know hindi, so forgive my mistakes)

shrI rAmajayam


AUM namo nArAyaNAyA

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