ADMIN : Response

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Mon Apr 6 18:41:40 CDT 1998

Dear LIST Members,

 advaita-vedanta is not anything and everything. To dismiss the role
of shrI shankara and his disciples, in establishing this tradition is
making a mockery of the maThas established by shrI shankara which
carry on the tradition till date. There is a definite tradition of
advaita vedanta. It is not anything and everything.  Dont confuse this
with the idea that every being ultimately seeks the bliss of non-dual

I disagree with shrI sadananda's viewpoint and shrI Ram chandran's
view point on this.  shrI shankara did not merely codify and explain
advaita-vedanta, he started maThas to establish the tradition. His
works are still the standard for advaitins.

I think I am clearly justified in saying that this LIST is for
advaita-vedanta as taught by shankara.  Shankar Jayanarayan's point
that the tradition starts from shrI nArAyaNA himself is correct.  By
honoring shankara, I honor all the gurus before him. To keep
shankara's work as a standard reference for this LIST is
the right thing to do.  Especially after knowing that there are myriad
of opinions on what advaita is, I have not even an iota of doubt on
this issue.

For all practical purposes this LIST is
Advaita-vedanta-as-taught-by-shankara-L, abbreivated as advaita-L. I
will include this if you want in the signature of every ADMIN post I
make. If you think I am wrong on this, let it be so. I prefer to be
wrong this way than right your way.

I invite shrI Ram Chandran and shrI Nanda Chandra, back to list. I am
sorry for being bit rude to Nanda Chandran.  I sincerely apologize for
that. But I will not accept buddhist discussions on this list, to me
it like going to some temple kitchen and saying I want to cook beef

About the debates issue, I am confused. I agree that  it will aid
learning. But I wonder, how many here know enough to debate?  Friendly
discussion on advaita vedanta will  definitely serve the purpose.
This LIST is not for converting any atheist, buddhist, Jain or a
folower of any other tradition to advaita-vedanta. This for like
minded people, who want to learn advaita-vedanta as taught by shrI
shankara and who already have desire to do so.

If I sound harsh, I am sorry. I respect each and every one of you, but
my stance on this issue is based on my real purpose with which this
LIST was started.

with love and respects,

mInalochani pAshamochani

NOTE: I will not respond further on this issue at least till this
weekend. I am busy with both my office work and Ph.D work.

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