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Fri Apr 10 11:15:38 CDT 1998

Ram Chandran <chandran at TIDALWAVE.NET> wrote:


>When I was at your age,  I used to laugh at my grandmother when she
>examples to make her point.  Now I have a son at your age and I am
>laughing at my self over my childhood laughs.

Please forgive me for having been disrespetful. I was upset because you
equated the discussion of Buddhism on this list to a discussion on a
temple which is in accordance with the advaita tradition; and the
differences between Buddhism and advaita have been pointed out in
several posts in the past.

I greatly respect the Buddha and have tried without success to
understand how a man with an "evil" intent toward living beings [as
explained by Shankara] could ever establish a religion which shows
incomparable compassion towards all men irrespective of their social
class, accomplishments or even their religious views. It amazes me how
the Zen masters teach non-dualism by living it. But I still feel that a
discussion of Buddhism per se does not belong on this list. Perhaps on a
list devoted to Eastern religions, but certainly not on a list devoted
to THE tradition called "advaita" [Vedanta].

Once again, I am sorry.

>Wish you all the best in your pursuit of Truth.

Wish you the same.

>Ram V. Chandran



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