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Thu Apr 9 10:02:01 CDT 1998

 Ram Chandran wrote:

>Anand Hudli <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> writes:
>> You are wrong on several counts here! ...........      (omitted)
>Greetings Anand:
>Though you have stated that I am wrong, I  assume that you just
>with what I said.   We  agree and disagree with our family members  and
>will not disrupt any healthy relationship.It is human nature to agree
>and disagree.  This is also a part of human weekness.
>The questions that I have raised are just hypothetical  but they are
>real and  they could come from someone who is not familiar with Hindu
>traditions and Sankara's various writings.  Such a person is likely
>utter confused because he/she may not understand  the subtle
>connections.  The whole purpose of this list is to remove ignorance and
>to help members to a right path of life.   The point that I have raised
>in my posting is to help Ravi to understand the complexity of
>issues so that he can prepare a policy with a broader scope.   This is
>definitely not a criticism against you for posting such a fine
>article.   I was rather surprised that an intelligent and scholarly
>person like you to become emotional  and make unnecessary accusations
>and subjective judgments of my behavior.  I have directly and
>indicated that I liked your article. I  honestly wanted to make sure
>that these articles should have a place under the new guidelines come
>into effect.
>I am sorry to say that several of  your statments are unnecessarily
>harsh and could have been avoided.   I have no control over your
>opinions  and your judgements.   I always believed that you are an
>intelligent and scholarly person and  I will continue to believe the
>same.  If  think that I am responsible for your misunderstanding,   I
>want to apologize to you for my imprecise writing style.   With the
>Grace of God, I hope to continue to keep a good opinion of you.
>I just wanted to make point and I have made my point and I want to
>and live in peace.

 I apologize to you for making some harsh statements yesterday.
 This is what happens when we come under the sway of the ego.

 On being emotional about this Buddhism, I think it is wise not be
 so, either way. I do not have anything against Buddhism in itself.
 It is only for what I think is the benefit of the list members that
 I felt necessary to concentrate on advaita, and not extraneous
 issues. It is also not necessary to learn anything about Buddhism or
 any other doctrine in order to be able to understand advaita.

 Most of the prakaraNa granthas written by Shankara and others keep
 it plain and simple, by teaching just advaita Vedaanta. So we do
 not lose anything by not discussing, say Confucius, in the context
 of advaita.

 You have given the example of how questions may be asked by students
 in a classroom discussion. I have myself taught at a university
 before. It is common practice and not considered as stifling anyone
 to ask a student whose questions do not pertain to the class topic to
 meet after the class and discuss them in private. This does not
 mean the student is being insulted or anything. It is only to keep
 a proper focus in the classroom. I hope I have made myself clear.

 Again, I am sorry for making some harsh statements yesterday which
 were not necessary.


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