9. karuNAmR^itasAgarA

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9. karuNAmR^itasAgarA

SHE is the ocean of nectar of kindness. karuNa is compassion. Out of HER
compassion, which is amR^ita, SHE gives release or mokSha. SHE is compared
to an ocean of amR^ita; While HERSELF being amR^ita, through the clouds
that drink amR^ita, SHE rains that amR^ita again over the world and
revivifies them.  brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati (Mu-U), one who knows
brahman becomes brahman. brahavidApnoti paraM (Ta-U 2-1)one who knows
brahman attains the ultimate. Hence SHE is HERSELF amR^ita.
labhate cha tataH kAmanmayaiva vihitAn hitAn (Bh-G) - Afterwords, he
obtains from ME, his wishes as ordained by ME. According the above, SHE
rewards, suitably,  all actions and worship of devotees through their
respective deities and ensures such rewards to devotees, just as ocean
through clouds rains life giving amR^ita to the worlds. Hence SHE is
compared to the ocean of kindness.

karuNa is the is the mental attitude of looking after the devotees. Like
amR^ita, it revivifies all. As being the infinite basis of that karuNa,
SHE is compared to an ocean;  or the name refers to the progeny of sAgara
dynasty who attained eternal fame and brahmaloka by HER grace. Or the name
means bhAgirathI, HER compassion like bhAgirathi gives immortality to the

AUM karuNAmR^itasAgarAyai namaH

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