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  The adhyAtma rAmAyaNa is said to be very popular among the
  followers of the Saint Ramananda who preached ShrI RAmAnujAchArya's
  teachings in Northern India and promoted rAma-bhakti. This has
  led some modern scholars to suspect that the adhyAtma rAmAyaNa was
  actually written by Ramananda himself and was added to the
  BrahmANDa purANa. But this is hard to justify, without finding
  out more about what Ramananda's beliefs were. Some of the ideas
  in this rAmAyaNa clearly are in conflict with RAmAnuja's, for
  example, those of mAyA, the mithyAtva of saMsAra which is like
  a dream, and so on. The only other place where I can find these
  ideas so clearly expressed is in the ShrImad BhAgavata purANa.
  It is very possible, in my opinion, that the author of the adhyAtma
  rAmAyaNa  was influenced by the BhAgavata. One example, where
  both are very similar is the birth of rAma/krishNa. The BhAgavata
  says that kriShNa was born as the four-armed ViShNu Himself. In
 the adhyAtma rAmAyaNa, rAma is born similarly, not as a normal
  human child, but as the four-armed ViShNu with all His
  paraphernalia. KausalyA then offers prayers to Him and only later
  does He assume the form of a normal human infant.


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