Verse on Hanuman

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 ghoraadbhutavratamiyam yadadashchachaara |
 patye tadasya bahudhaapariNaamaduutam
 siitaapuraskR^itatanum hanumantamiiDe  ||

 While under the captivity of the most fearful Raakshhasas,
 Siitaa performed the most unbearable, fierce and wonderful
 penance (vrata) for the sake of (being united with) Her
 Lord Raama. I adore Hanumaan who appeared before Her
 as the messenger bearing the many results of Her penance.

     (Viiravimshati Shriihanumaan stotra)

 There were many results of Siitaa devii's penance while in
 captivity. The obvious one was Her ultimate union with
 Raama. The humbling of the pride of RaavaNa by the burning of
 Lankaa, destruction of the Rakshhasas led by RaavaNa, the
 crowning of VibhiishhaNa as King, and the final return of
 Raama, Siitaa and LakshhmaNa to ayodhyaa, were some of the
 other results. It was Hanumaan who made all this possible.
 He was the indeed the messenger who brought the fruit of
 Sittaa's penance.

 ShrI hanumate namaH |


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