15. kalidoShaharA

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sun Apr 12 20:54:27 CDT 1998

15. kalidoShaharA

SHE destroys the evils of kali age. To be born in the discreditable
kali age is itself a sin for anyone; If he however, sees HER (image),
hears or sings HER glory, praises HER, worships and meditates on HER,
SHE destroys that sin.

kali indicates quarrels between different schools of thought about
the Ultimate and the consequent sins these quarrels may engender. To
establish the respective positions, such as existence or non-existence
of God, HIS separateness from body, Whether he is a part or whole,
whether HE has attributes, people distort arguments,  and
consequently falsify conclusions by misinterpreting shrutis, and
mislead others. These lead to cupidity, anger and acrimony, under
whose influence, people abuse and hate one another. These acts are
sins of kali. SHE by conferring on devotees the realization of the
advaita-jnana leading to mokSha, destroys the sins of kali age.

AUM kalidoShaharAyai namaH

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