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Ramakrishnan wrote:

>It's good to be back! Now that the scope of the list has been made
>by Ravi, we can get down to bussiness :-).

 Welcome back.

>I'd like to discuss the second chapter of the naishhkarmya siddhi,
>shrI sureshvarAchArya employs the method of anvaya-vyatireka (agreement
>and difference) and proves advaita from the point of view of reasoning
>and shruti most conclusively. In fact, IMHO, it's the best exposition
>advaita I have come across.

 I will look forward to this most certainly.

> Later, I'd like to discuss the mAnasollAsa
>ascribed to shrI sureshvarAchArya and compare/contrast with Kashmir
>shaivism. I'll start on this asap.
>Perhaps someone can discuss that most excellent work aparoxAnubhUti,
>ascribed to sha.nkarabhagavatpAda. It's not that popular, yet is one of
>the best expositions of advaita available. The vivekachUDAmaNi is
>another book to think about.

 I have seen the aparoxAnubhUti and agree that it is a wonderful
 text. Let me add that to my (long) list of things I would like
 to discuss. If someone wants to start before I do, they are welcome.


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Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

>    The most common meaning attributed to "karma" is that of action.
> But, what action?  In Shruti, it seems to be linked to "action related
> to performing the prescribed rites and rituals".  On the other hand,
> in Smriti it is considered to be "dispassionate action" i.e. "karma
> yoga".  The advaitic tradition also mentions other karmas like
> "Nishkamya karma".  Also, karma is considered to be the bond that
> holds one to samsara.  In the last sense, it is not something to be
> accrued.  ( So, it is bad, right?)

See Chapter I of naishhkarmya siddhi. It's mainly devoted to discussion
of sannyAsa, what it means, and refutation of the pUrva mImA.nsA. shrI
sureshvarAchArya gives extremely original arguments, showing his mastery
over the subject of pUrva mImA.nsA.

Anand Hudli has written quite a few articles on this subject. He has
given pointers to those. Apart from that Giri, who is not on the list
right now, wrote a long, excellent article about it.

Please read the above very carefully. Also take a look at

There was huge discussion on this 2 years back. Just go to the archives
and search for posts with "householder" or "sanyasa" in their subject.
You will get more than what you bargained for :-).


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