20. karmaphalapradA

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Thu Apr 16 21:48:45 CDT 1998

20. karmaphalapradA

SHE grants the fruit of action. The atheistic mImAmskAH argue that, it
is destiny which in due course gives the fruits of action done. This
is not correct.  A lifeless and minute destiny cannot have power to
grant the fruits of actions, which can be function of only the living
consciousness. But every act must have a result. Hence SHE alone is
giver of fruits of all action. karmAdhyakShaH - He presides over
action (svetAshvataropaniShad).  mayaiva vihitAn hitAn - By me Shall
get the alotted benefits.  phala mata upapattateH  (brahma sUtra

[*]  This brahma sUtra means, it is correct to say that result of
the action is due to Ishvara, since He presides over action. Hence,
paradevata, is the only giver of fruits to all actions.

AUM karmaphalapradAyai namaH

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