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Dear Ravi Mayavaram,

Thank you for adding my name to the Advaita list. To introduce
myself, I am a research scientist in Biochemistry and Molecular
Biophysics. I conduct Sunday Youth Groups under the format of the
Chinmaya Mission, in Richmond VA.

I recently authored a book "Your Success Story: How to rewrite your
brain's own programs to design a perfect life" (Publication date
August 1997; VSDN Publishing; ISBN 0-9655084-4-7; Library of
Congress Catalog No. 96-90759). This book, which discusses everyday
success principles based on biochemistry of the brain and Vedanta,
has been written for young adults and mature adults. Swami
Dheerananda of the Chinmaya Mission, Washington, D.C. Regional
Center approved of the book in the form of a letter of blessing
that has been published in the book. The President of the
Psychiatric Society of Virginia has also spoken of this book in
glowing terms.

How do I know Vedanta? What do I know of Vedanta? Merely reflected
glory. My father, Dr. K. Damodaran Nambiar, has a Ph.D. in
Sanskrit, and has received numerous national and international
accolades for his scholastic and research achievements. He is the
Founder and Managing Trustee of the Astrological Research Centre,
Mumbai, India, which was inaugurated in 1973 by Swami
Chinmayananda. Secondly, I am a regular member of the weekly Geeta
Study Group conducted by Nilkanth and Mina Bhatt under the auspices
of Chinmaya Mission, in Richmond, VA. Thirdly, I have been a
student of the Self-Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa

Looking forward to being part of the Advaita group.

Thank you.

With respect,


(Dr. Ajit Damodaran)

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