ShrIrAma instructs tArA -2 (conclusion)

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Thu Apr 16 23:13:33 CDT 1998

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Anand Hudli wrote:

>  Incidentally, this purANa is also the source of the lalitA
>  trishatI that Ravi is posting, and the lalitA sahasranAma (the
>  one thousand names of Goddess lalitA).

I had a question about this.  I have the Lalitasahasranama with the
Saubhagyabhaskara of Shri Bhaskararaya.  This also claims to be part of
the Brahmanda Purana and contains many of the names Ravi is posting
although in a different order.  Do I take it from your words above that
these are two different works not the same?  The Lalitasahasranama is
just over 300 shlokas.

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