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On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
>I had a question about this.  I have the Lalitasahasranama with the
>Saubhagyabhaskara of Shri Bhaskararaya.  This also claims to be part of
>the Brahmanda Purana and contains many of the names Ravi is posting
>although in a different order.  Do I take it from your words above that
>these are two different works not the same?  The Lalitasahasranama is
>just over 300 shlokas.
>Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>

namaskAram Jaladhar

Both shrI lalitAsahasranAmam and shrI lalitAtrishatI comes from
brahmANDa puraNam. Lord hayagriva instructs the sahsranamam first to
the sage agastya. shrI agastya not being satisfied with requests Lord
hayagriva to give more instructions. But shrI hayagriva remains
silent. Seeing the plight of her devotee, shrI lalita appears before
shrI hayagriva and asks him to instruct  shrI lalita trishatI to
agastya.  shrI hayagriva rejoices for having a vision of shrI lalita
and instructs the trishatI (sometimes even the guru benefits from the
disciple ;-) ). This is documented in detail, in the trishati
available in the jaguar site.

At home we chant both sahasranamam and trishatI. They do not have many
names in common. trishatI has 300 names, 20 for each of the letters of
the panchadashakSharI mantra. I just finished the "ka" and going to
start "e". As you mentioned, the commentary shrI bhaskararAya
"saubhagya bhaskara" is very famous. But I have not seen it. I have a
english translation of a commentary written fifty years or so back,
now published by ammAchi publications, which is based on the
commentary by shrI bhaskararAya. For trishatI I think shrI shankara's
commentary is well known. Both the sahsranamam and trishatI is
available in the jaguar site. I think Giri typed in the sahsranamam,
and Ramakrishnan typed in the trishati.  I started chanting the
trishati first based on what Ramakrishnan typed in. I am grateful to
him for that.


mInalochani pAshamochani

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