The importance of deliberation on Brahman

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 abrahmatvabhramochchhedI tvahaM brahmeti nishchayaH |
 jAyate .arthavichAreNa puruShasya vipashchitaH  ||

 A firm conviction, "I am Brahman", ends the delusion of the
 form, "I am not Brahman." Such a firm conviction of a person
 with discrimination is produced by deliberation on Brahman.

 mithyAjnAnasya vichchhittiH samyagjnAnena siddhyati |
 samyagjnAnaM padArthasya vichAreNaiva nAnyathA      ||

 False knowledge (misapprehension, ignorance) is terminated by
 correct knwoledge. And correct knowledge of a thing arises only
 from the deliberation on that thing, not by any other means.

 ato vichAraH kartavyaH karma sannyasya dhImatA |
 brahmAtmaikatvabodhArthaM saMsAro yena shAmyati ||

 Therefore, deliberation is to be done by the intelligent one,
 after giving up karma (ie. after taking up sannyAsa), for the sake
 of the knowledge of the Unity of Brahman and Atman. By that
 (knowledge), saMsAra ends.

                                    (From the mahAvAkyadarpaNa)

 This deliberation on the Brahman/Atman should be done under the
 guidance of a Guru who himself is knower of Brahman (brahmavit).
 This is confirmed in a parallel verse in the VivekachUDAmaNi (15).

 ato vichAraH kartavyo jijnAsorAtmavastunaH |
 samAsAdya dayAsindhuM guruM brahmaviduttamaM ||

 Therefore, one who desires to know the Atman should deliberate
 on It after approaching an excellent Guru who is a knower of Brahman
 and who is an ocean of compassion.

 Here it is mentioned that the Guru has to have qualifications of
 his own in order to instruct a disciple. The Guru should himself be
 a knower of Brahman. Otherwise, he cannot teach anybody else about
 Brahman! Furthermore, his heart should be filled with kindness and
 compassion. Surely, the Guru cannot have any personal motive in
 teaching anybody about Brahman. He teaches only out of compassion
 for others who are suffering in saMsAra.


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