25. ekAnandachidAkR^itiH

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25. ekAnandachidAkR^itiH

SHE who has the single form of bliss and consciousness. The word
"ekAnanda" refers to the "mokSha" which is the bliss desired by all
living beings. The word "chit" means awareness or illuminating
knowledge. SHE has the form of "mokSha" and illuminating
consciousness. SHE has the distinguishing attributes of sachchidAnanda

"vijnAnam Anandam brahma" which means brahman is knowledge and

"Anando brahmeti vyajAnAt" [taittirIyopanishad 3-5] - Be it known
that Ananda is brahman.

It means attributes such as bliss are ever present in brahman, as
mentioned in "AnandAdhayaH pradhAnasya" [ brahma sUtram 3-3-11].  HER
form is illuminating and shining, it is the ultimate bliss.  Inviduals
who attain the knowledge of the ultimate, in their jIvanamukta state,
experience HER as such. SHE is also known in the form of infinite
light, the form in which some experienced yogis realize HER

"Ananda" is "shivA" and "chit" is "parameshvara". There is no
difference between them. SHE has the form of both "Ananda" and "chit"

AUM ekAnandachidAkR^ityai namaH

Based on a translation of shrI shankara's lalitAtrishatI bhaShyam

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