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*       Hmm It seems from the type of questions you are asking you
*       saw my > message (some would say tantrum :-) on the Advaitin list?

        Sri Vyas,

        I thank you first for your informative posting. No, the question of
the precedence of Advaita & Gita in particular, occurred to me when I have
seen from several "popular" articles on Hindu religion from the "secular" &
"nastika" authors writing in the Indian news media. There has been a
prevalent opinion (I can cite you a recent article from The Hindu) that the
Gita is a deliberate edition the theory of Karma as found in Buddhist
sources & a careful synthesis of many prevailing religious streams including
Sankhya. This is much in contradiction to the dateline of the Mahabharata
war. I understand that the objective of a mailing list such as this is more
to understand the philosophy of Advaita & its intrinsic merit to the
believer than deal with popular controversies originating from less
concerned sources & wished to have such agenda answered in contexts as
relevant to the charter of the list.

        I honestly did not pay much attention to the personal agenda that
went on in the other mailing list & have asked the questions more out of my
personal ignorance.


        Hari Krishna

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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