Bhagavad kr^pa (grace of God)

Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 12 21:20:07 CST 1998

                                           Brahmaiva Satyam

I asked the same question to several learned men and women.  Following is one
of the responses.
"Avasya Manubhoktvyam"  If one performed bad or good karma one has to face the
results.  The karma phalam is enforced by the grahas.  That"s where
janmapatrika or jatakam comes into picture.  One can appease the grahas and
lessen the severity of effect by performing some vedic rituals.

I asked if Buddhi is karmanusarini where is the opportunity for one to
improve.  The answer is by the Grace of God.

Valmiki was a highway robber but his buddhi is changed by Bhagavat Krupa.  You
all know He became the author of Ramayana.

By God's grace we can remove the Ajnaaand be "that".

Karma phalam wipes out completely in the presence of God's Grace which I
believe is not the same for all.   One Has To Earn It.


Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.

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