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On Sun, 11 Jan 1998 MANTRALAURA at DELPHI.COM wrote:

> Jaldhar -
>   Why do you hate so much?  Brahman is not about
> hatred and prejudice. Love should be in the cave of
> your heart.

A better question would be how do you have the gall to baselessly accuse
people of hatred and prejudice without any knowledge?

On my home page there are some pictures from my recent engagement. is a picture of my
father-in-law and I doing Ganesh puja.  This involved chanting of mantras
from Vedas and Tantras and you'll notice no women are involved.  But wait
look at the picture below it,
http;//  Here is a religious
ceremony going on without any men taking part.  Should I be feeling
oppressed? :-)  Of course not because I respect and take seriously the
Dharmic duties of all people even the ones I don't personally practice.
After we are married, Jyoti and I with Matajis krpa, will take part in
many vidhis together.  But we will also continue our seperate practices
and one will not be a able to infer a thing about my amount of hatred or
prejudice from it.

Hinduism has only lasted as long as it has because it fulfills the needs
of its practitioners.  But it does that without being egalitarian.  Deal
with it.

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