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On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Chelluri wrote:

>                                                Brahmaiva Satyam
> Jaladhar does not hate you.  He truthfully follows shastras.  I do too.  But I
> am tolarent.   I am not as knowledgeble as Jaldhar.  I heard from people that
> shastras prohibit women to recite vedas.

Which is not to say they do not prescribe other things for women.  But one
has to learn and find out first.

> Why dont you ask Swami Dayananda the question whether shastras prohibit women
> from reciting vedas.   If he says honestly NO.   I will accept it.  Please
> post the response on the list.
Whhile you are at it, ask him on what basis he decided his answer, which
sources, which authorities.  Guru just means teacher.  A true teacher will
always be able to logically explain why he is saying what he is saying.

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