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On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Vaidya N. Sundaram wrote:

> Namaste:
>  The post by Mantralaura confirms what a lot us belive happened even in
> ancient schools. As far as I have heard and sen, women are NOT prohibited
> from learning or reciting the Vedas. In fact, a few days ag, I was
> listening to (a cassette) a discourse on the Bhagavatam in 1959 by Sri
> Sri Anantha rama Dikshidhar. He was saying how sad it is that women do
> not recite or even learn the Vedas these days. So the fact that for close
> to a century women have not decided to learn the Vedas is not a
> reflection on the custom of the land. The only thing I have heard is
> prohibited for women in Pancha-akshara Gayatri. They are allowed to
> meditate on the Tri-akshara Gayatri.
>  I guess one reason why women have not learnt the Vedas in the past is
> because, by vedic law, what the husband and sons do in terms of japas or
> Homas is sufficient for the mother and sisters of the house.

You start your post disagreeing with me but by the end you seem to be
agreeing.  If there was ever a time when that sort of thing occurred, it
is long forgotten.

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