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On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Ram Chandran wrote:

> Namaskar Jaldhar:
> First, please note that I am quite optimistic about changing our
> behavior.   I had high hopes that my posting will have an impact on your
> future replies.  I am glad to see that it did!  I am pleased to see your
> positive response and your willingness to get the opinions of the list
> members.

Oh give me a break!  Why do you think I read this list except to get other
people opinions.  If I wanted to talk to myself I could save a lot on
Internet fees and just talk to my mirror.  By all accounts I'm one of the
more prolific posters here.  When I reply to people I always try and make
my responses fact-filled and back up arguments with references from
shastras, acharyas and with logical arguments.  (Unlike the bumper-sticker
slogans some people come up with.)  How much more evidence of dialog do
you want me to show?

What I don't do is treat all responses as being of equal merit.  Some
posters to this list I read avidly.  Others have yet to make a useful
contribution in all the time I've been here.  Although I've been sorely
tempted, I've resisted setting up a kill file for these people in the hope
that one day they might have something interesting to say but that's
probably wishful thinking on my part.

 The sages and seers have the  used common sense approach
> using intuition based on their personal experiences while making
> conclusions.
> Suppose a great cook serves a sumptuous dinner with a variety of foods
> in a large plate to a hungry person.  If the hungry person, sees a ball
> of dirt in the middle of that plate, he (she) will lose the appetite.
> Such a situation is beneficial neither for the cook nor for the hungry
> person.  A similar fact holds well for an intelligent and scholarly
> person while making comments.  After a careful and thorough
> investigation, if the scholar's reply contains intelligent answers using
> inappropriate words,

Let's review what I said.

1.  Women and foreigners cannot chant the Vedas.
2.  I detest the Arya Samaj.

I have yet to say anything inappropriate.  Another assumption I make on
this list is the other members are not children and are mature enough to
think about what they are reading.

> the attention gets diverted and the message gets
> lost!    The rule of common sense says that don't offend anyone unless
> it is absolutely necessary.  If the list members disagree with this
> view, let me know!

Ignorant people get offended by all sorts of things.  It's no concern of

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