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On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:

> Bhagavad Gita 9 :
> Thou Prince of India! Be certain none can perish, trusting Me! O Pritha^Òs
> Son! whoso will turn to Me, Though they be born from the very womb of Sin,
> Woman or man; sprung of the Vaisya caste Or lowly disregarded Sudra,- all
> Plant foot upon the highest path.

1.  The Gita is Smriti not Shruti.

2.  Krishna Bhagawan is recommending his own worship not the Vedic rites.

3.  Look at this verse.  "Womb of sin"?  "Lowly Shudra"?  This is not very
egalitarian either is it?

4.  The translation is faulty.  For a start Partha means "descendent of
[King] Prthu" not "Prince of India"

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