Jaladhar's remarks

Dev Thakur thakur at BELLATLANTIC.NET
Mon Jan 19 14:43:29 CST 1998

I wrote:

>> Also: is it not true that
>> during the early Vedic period (India's Golden Age), women were given an
>> almost equal (if not equal status)?
>Monday January 19, 1997 is as much the Vedic Golden Age as any other
>moment and no they weren't.
>Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

    I was referring to the Vedic Age in a historical context.  Today is not
the Vedic Age, historically, regardless of how many people continue to try
to follow the Vedic Tradition (including myself).  If there is any Vedanta
visible in India's or any country's conduction of domestic or foreign
affairs, or in any world court in general, or in daily life in the world in
general it is either (a) a rare case or (b) is purely coincidental.  But
that is not my argument, I realize that historical chronological
classification is controvertial.  I would like to ask other members of the
list to post their thoughts regarding the status of women in what most
historians label as the Vedic Age, circa 6000 BC.

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