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Mon Jan 19 22:42:25 CST 1998

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> I've a question on two topics which do frequent rounds on our lists :
> 1.      Is Brahman Nirguna or Saguna or Sarvaguna?

Brahman is nirgun but appears to the deluded jivas to be saguna owing to

> 2.      Fate and Freewill

In the state of vyavahara the jiva has the freedom to perform actions and
suffers the consequences or reaps the rewards thereof.  Brahman is
ever-free because there is nothing that could bind.

> Do these two questions have any true relevance to an aspirant at the
> vyavahaarika level? Does it in anyway contribute to a sincere effort towards
> moksha?

Yes of course.

> It's my understanding that knowledge of both these can be had only
> upon realization and intellectual speculation or reasoning can never prove
> either. If I'm wrong, I would be grateful for the correction.

While this is true it is true, intellectual pursuit is still of great
importance.  It strengthens and purifies the mind.  It enables you to
distinguish between, truth and falsehood, and it removes the fear that
comes from ignorance.

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