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Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Tue Jan 20 13:01:25 CST 1998

>While this is true it is true, intellectual pursuit is still of great
>importance.  It strengthens and purifies the mind.  It enables you to
>distinguish between, truth and falsehood, and it removes the fear that
>comes from ignorance.

I'm not questioning the importance of intellectual pursuit, but am
questioning the intellectual speculation on these two specific subjects 1.
Qualities of Brahman and 2. Fate and freewill.

It seems to be that one can go on endlessly arguing and speculating on these
two subjects without proving anything. And also when the Shruti expounds
that the Brahman is Nirguna and this is substantiated by other seers when
they have to resort to the 'neti - neti' in describing it, what's the point
in such a discussion anyway? It brings to my mind a statement by a jnani who
said, "Ten minutes of deep meditation is worth more than ten hours of
intellectual speculation".

So do they in any way TRULY contribute towards the attainment of jnana?

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