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Tue Jan 20 13:53:35 CST 1998

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> >While this is true it is true, intellectual pursuit is still of great
> >importance.  It strengthens and purifies the mind.  It enables you to
> >distinguish between, truth and falsehood, and it removes the fear that
> >comes from ignorance.
> I'm not questioning the importance of intellectual pursuit, but am
> questioning the intellectual speculation on these two specific subjects 1.
> Qualities of Brahman and 2. Fate and freewill.
> It seems to be that one can go on endlessly arguing and speculating on these
> two subjects without proving anything. And also when the Shruti expounds
> that the Brahman is Nirguna and this is substantiated by other seers when
> they have to resort to the 'neti - neti' in describing it, what's the point
> in such a discussion anyway? It brings to my mind a statement by a jnani who
> said, "Ten minutes of deep meditation is worth more than ten hours of
> intellectual speculation".
> So do they in any way TRULY contribute towards the attainment of jnana?

In that case no.

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