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Sun Mar 1 21:10:45 CST 1998


I looked in the webster's Dictionary for the meaning.
Consciousness: Aware of one's own existence, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Awareness: Having knowledge, conscious etc.
Are we playing with words!
Self, Soul, Atma   Do they mean same thing?
Well, I guess depends on convenience to win an argument and show others I am
knowledgeble. Nothing wrong with that!

We all learned something from our predecessors in human race like Vyasa,
Shankaracharya, Ramana, Christ and others ,  now it is time to say some thing
what you think is right for humanity instead of arguing about who wrote what
and when.   Adi Shankara composed "Kanakadhara Stotram" in front of a poor
woman whom approched for biksha.  Do you think there is somebody there to tape
it or record it, so we can all recite.  Honestly think about it!

My son asked me whether humans can dream in color.  I told him yes.  Not only
that you can have dream in a dream.  I told him from experience.

Talking about states I believe there is only one state.  I know about it but
can not claim to be that when I have to worry about work to make a living. I
believe all the humans worry about it where the next meal comes from.  Some
people worry about their PH.D's and some people worry about downsizing.

The best life one can have, I believe is to become a "Swami" or "Swamini" and
have lot of followers.  You dont have to worry about anything except where the
next meeting going to be in USA or Timabaktu.

Just think about it!


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