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Mon Mar 2 09:50:43 CST 1998

Nagy wrote:
> I believe all the humans worry about it where the next meal comes from.  Some
>people worry about their PH.D's and some people worry about downsizing.

just on the lighter side -

Right now my wife is worried about my not downsizing!  She has determined
to worry about not only where my next meal is comming but with how much

>The best life one can have, I believe is to become a "Swami" or "Swamini" and
>have lot of followers.  You dont have to worry about anything except where the
>next meeting going to be in USA or Timabaktu.

That may provide one solution to my immediate problem - but I do not know
if that works.  Knowing my wife, she will try to follow me to insure that
no fat meal goes into my stomach - swaami or no-swaami. And everybody knows
that things donot not taste as good without fat!

Nagy I will become a swaami if you guarentee lot of followers.  I am sure
there must be many out there who are really desperate and are in need of a
new swaami.
But I am not taking any chances - I am preparing the list of the places
where I would like to have meetings so that I donot have to worry about it

Hari Om!

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