Freedom of Choice - or - Freedom *from* Choice?

Frank Maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Fri Mar 6 23:51:02 CST 1998

Gummuluru Murthy wrote:
> I come back to that sentence again ".... As such, there is no karma made
> or created by individual jiva....". It is so, if we see ourselves as
> followers of the script of Ishwara. But is it not also in Ishwara's
> script that we see ourselves as individual jeevas ? We do not have a
> choice except to follow the script.

Ram Chandran wrote:
>Freedom from Choice is also another notion and consequently
>imposes limitations.  Sruti states that Brahman is eternal and
>changeless and necessarily free from - Freedom of Choice and Freedom
>from Choice!

Yes, these concepts (karma, Isvara, the Script, freedom from choice)
and all concepts like them, collectively represent merely components
of a philsophical strategy for the mind to utilize in order to
re-immerge itself back into its source.  As such, they have no
import *unto themselves*, and are therefore irrelevant in the face
of jnana, which is an attributeless dynamic.


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