Freedom of Choice - or - Freedom *from* Choice?

Frank Maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Sat Mar 7 00:14:04 CST 1998

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:
> Egodust writes :
> >As such, there is no karma made or created by any individual jiva.
> >The jiva cannot be the free-choice doer.
> >
> By Jiva, I think you mean the Self.

No, jiva represents the so-called 'reincarnating ego.'  Atman is
its substratum or source (which is the Self), synonymous with brahman.

> If so :
> I thought the shruti said that the Self, which is the same as Brahman,
> is not affected by any change and is constant (for want of a better
> word!). Isn't it that : 1. Karma is only linked to the ego, body and
> mind combination. 2. Once we've (???) 'linked' with the Self or to
> phrase it better, become one with Brahman, there cannot be any Karma.


> So does the freewill concept apply to the Self?

Not in the way it's customarily considered.  It's as real as any other
concept in space-time, thus it infinitesimally applies to the Self.
As far as being a definitive attribute, integral to the essential
reality of Self, it's meaningless.


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